Team Development and Team Management

Teams are an important component of today's working life. High expectations are attached at teams, but frequently these expectations cannot 
be fulfilled, because the teamwork does not function optimally.

But: successful teams are no coincidence. Teamwork can be learned.

With the help of various exercises for team formation, the participants can make personal experiences in team work; thus, they will get a better understanding of team processes. Together we will find answers to the following questions:

  • What constitutes a team?
  • How can teamwork be introduced, developed and optimised?
  • What kinds of teamplayers are there?
  • How can efficiency, tasks and processes be structured in a useful way?
Main topics:
  • Presentation methods and technical aids
  • Overcoming of blockades
  • Co-operation and conflict management
  • Question techniques and communication samples
  • Methods of an effective discussion
  • Forming of opinions and decisions