Professional Presentation

Successful presentations open up doors to make decisions, to find solutions and to create new products and new ideas. The deciding factors for such a successful presentation are the presenter's own practised, self-confident appearance and a good relationship to the audience on the one hand, and the technical equipment on the other hand. What methods and techniques help to do a good presentation, how we can win over the listeners,... - those and other questions are to be answered in this seminar.

This seminar's aim is to train the elements of modern rhetoric and negotiation.

Major Subjects:

  • Methods of Visualisation
  • Professional usage of media
  • Form of presentation: preparation, structure and realisation
  • Conscious analysis of body language
  • Self-conscious appearance

  • Individual and Team Practice
  • Educational conversation
  • Role Plays
  • Simulated presentation situations
  • Analysis and feedback supported by video recording
  • Individual Coaching