Intercultural Management

The globalisation in the economic sector makes more and more people from all cultures come and work together. Consequently, intercultural meetings have become very demanding. They require to speak to people from different cultures, to negotiate with them and to act together. Practical intercultural competence is necessary to operate successfully in global economic connections.
If you simply transfer behavioural patterns of your own culture to foreign cultures, this will inevitably lead to conflicts.
In order to express oneself, to act, to negotiate and to work together successfully in an intercultural connection, it is necessary to find a gentle start and a sensitive acculturation to the standards of the host country. Who gets prepared to work in a different culture for professional and economic reasons needs a high degree of educability with regard to social behaviour.
The main target of our training in intercultural management is a successful communication. 
How do people get into contact and how do they develop a good relationship that creates the basis for common acting?
What distinguishes a person that is interculturally successful?
In order to understand a different culture, we need linguistic ability, esteem for different cultural values, empathy and the ability to overcome misunderstandings and frustrations.
We understand communication as a bridge between different individual, social and cultural ways of living.
We train your personal flexibility and linguistic ability. We help you to understand different cultural standards and to be interculturally successful.